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What it cost for an ecommerce online shop development from India

As everybody knows India is a favorable offshore destination for all digital outsourcing needs. Many of eCommerce giants outsource their processes to India to gain significant productivity in their business at less price.

Today you are here this means you definitely like to know what will be the cost of online shopping website development if you plan to outsource this need to some Indian agency.

Yes, it cost much less in India as compare to what you get in local.

There are multiple factors which define what will be the cost of an eCommerce project. I am going to mark them as bullets in below:

1. Theme based or Custom UI designing: It depends on you would like to use existing themes or want to design each element of your website with your taste.

2.  Value additions agency offers: What all features offer by the agencies, Some will include on page optimization, some include discount modules, etc. This makes a variation in the pricing.

3. Mobile responsive: online shopping website layouts are mobile responsive or not. In today’s time, the mobile responsive website is a necessity. As more n more online visitors are from mobile devices as compare to websites.

4. Payment gateway integration: Generally all agencies provide the option to install PayPal system which takes not a big effort by the developers but if you have some different choice then it will take the additional cost.

5. The website should be coded as per latest trend of the coding: sometimes agencies use older code copy and use deprecated techniques to code eCommerce website which reduced the cost of offerings to the customer. Don’t be in the trap this will effect on your brand later on.

and so on,

How the agency developer price your requirements?

1. They offer you pre-defined packages with a list of features, these packages mostly cheaper than your custom requested quote. These packages start from $1000 – $5000.

2. If you require highly customized workflow & features eCommerce website then it will cost you high around $5000 – $10,000.

3. If you are looking for a comprehensive package of eCommerce solution which includes website, mobile responsive, mobile apps, SEO then it will come in the range of $3000 – $8000.

Don’t get a catch in the trap of seeing the packages of $99, $199, $399. God knows what they provide at these prices. Or just fill their bank with money and ran off.

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