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Why it is a best time to start your eCommerce venture

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As you already know E-commerce is a booming business industry nowadays. Seeing growing number of users on the internet, social networking websites, social messaging apps, mobile apps & many other internet platforms day after day. This gives an abundant opportunity to scale your business sales to masses without spending a huge amount of dollars to target your customers.

Before going to see few stats published by global analytical companies, First I would like to share some info on the businesses which can get enormous growth from this eCommerce age.

What type of businesses can take benefits from eCommerce :

  1. Retail business.
  2. Food industry.
  3. Manufacturer & Traders.
  4. Tour & Travels.
  5. Hand made good producers.
  6. Non-profits
    Or, any business which deals in selling products or digital solutions.

See the stats below to know what you are missing if you are avoiding latest eCommerce trends. Total population in this world 7.3 billion, In which 3.4 billion are on the internet. Further


Ref :


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